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The problem with carpets in retail stores, offices and commercial premises is that they are in constant use. At CPS Carpet Clean we offer a 24 hour commercial carpet cleaning service to your business, ensuring minimal disruption and staff down time.

We often judge a company's office or hotel by our first impressions; it therefore makes good sense to lay a durable high quality carpet in these areas, but also makes sense to ensure that these areas are in pristine condition, it certainly is not practical to replace them when they get too dirty.

With our 24 hour service, fast drying times and professional yet friendly service CPS Carpet Clean

are here to help.
  • Routine Cleaning
  • Deep Clean
  • Carpet stains removed
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • A viable and less expensive alternative to carpet replacement
  • Bespoke carpet maintenance & cleaning programmes
  • A healthy workplace for your visitors, employees and you
Hard Floors

If, instead of carpets, you have a hard floor surface, CPS Carpet Clean can bring that back to life too! Stripping off the old emulsion floor dressings, rinsing the floor, buffing - to give it a sheen and then applying three to four coats of a thermal plastic floor dressing (to help with the heavy traffic) a floor maintenance solution can then be applied by damp mopping on a regular basis, which cleans and enhances the shine.

Don't believe that carpets and hard wood floors cannot enjoy a long life in commercial premises, having your floors and upholstery cleaned can help maintain a well presented and clean commercial environment. Why replace your carpets or flooring when our deep cleaning, quick drying and maintenance programmes can bring your floors back to their new condition.

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